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Making cafe rio at home.

Meg: I was just perusing facebook when I saw a link that a friend had just used an online recipe to create some homemade cafe rio. I decided to check out the recipe and saw that even I could make the cafe rio ranch at home, and since I’m trying a non-dairy thing lately, I made it non-dairy even. : )

Try it! it’s just right! Click HERE


Gloria’s Little Italy

Gloria's Little Italy006

Gloria’s Little Italy
(on the corner of center st. and university ave.)
Provo, UT 84606

Jared: I hadn’t really eaten anything all day… so at that point, I think that anything would have tasted good. But I really liked the dish I got. Also, the server we had was really great: because his name was “Goose”, and because he was really nice –A good waiter. They were out of spinach ravioli, which I wanted to try. But I can’t complain about what I got – The cheese ravioli with the red pesto sauce.

Meg: I also really liked my dish, I actually have ordered it there before. I got the cheese raviolis with the green pesto. Pesto is one of my favorite things to eat/make, and so I like sampling it everywhere. I will say that Jared’s was almost better than mine. I think that the bread was really basic, and sometimes cold and OVERLY “garlicky.”

Jared: Seeing that I was really hungry, we got a dessert to split. Which I would say NO ONE should get a dessert by themselves. It was called a mille foglie.

Meg: Very beautiful.

Jared: And very filling, but it’s really great because it’s a lot like the one they have at the french bakery at the top of the hill on state st. in orem. Almost the same name. The chef came by our table twice, to bring out more sauce and to bring us our dishes.

Meg: I will now launch into their decor and entertainment–

Jared: I almost paid the live “opera” singer to stop. I’m sorry, I am an artist and I realize that artists, musicians etc., have to make a living too. But seriously, I was so over it when the guy came in so close to our table and started singing “on the street where you live” from My Fair Lady. Jared almost died when he started singing “Your Song” by Elton John.

Meg: I’m sorry, but that’s not opera. The decor could be cute maybe if they got rid of the dome lights and took it down a notch at night to make it quaint. I say get rid of the sparse Ivy and straighten your paintings on the wall. The faux painting on the ceiling and walls is fine as long as you make it ownable with some good window treatments.

Note: We have only eaten the pesto. We’ve heard about multiple bad experiences with other dishes and many complaints about overpriced bad salad. Maybe you should think twice about anything other than the pesto!


Communal Wins

Sorry we’ve been so bad lately. We both got sick and Meg’s internet is spotty to say the least. But we’re back and we’ll start posting a lot more.

Picture 7

Corner of 100 N. and University Ave.
(Right across from the Wells Fargo Bldg.)

Meg: We went on my birthday night. So Communal had a lot to live up to. We only waited 15 minutes on a Saturday night. Which was good cause they were busy and it’s a small place, but they’re pretty accommodating.

Jared: However, there is no free stuff for birthdays. Just so you know.

Meg: Yeah, he tried.

Jared: Well, the food was really great. It was a little expensive for me, seeing as I’m poor, but worth it. But I never really figured out who our waiter was. It was a little confusing for me.

Meg: Pretty friendly service. The atmosphere was local home cooking meets Ikea. I think the word “communal” comes from the fact that the table we sat at was just one long table they divided into separate dinner parties. Our meal consisted of Halibut with a heirloom tomato relish, a locally grown squash baked with apples inside, and potatoes gratin.

Jared: I really wanted to try dessert, but we were short on time. I guess we’ll have to go back. But the bread they bring you before your meal comes is delicious. It was a walnut olive bread, baked in the pizzeria ovens of Pizzeria 712.


Maria Bonita’s


171 W 800 N
Orem, UT 84057-3815
(801) 426-9328
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Meg: Probably my favorite Mexican food in this area.Where do I start? I love the decor, it’s funny, little flags. Great service. It’s a little too cold in there, that’s my only complaint.

Jared: I don’t think it’s the best Mexican food in the area, but it was pretty good. But I’d say the decor is pretty great and it’s painted just the right color. But I will say that it’s a good price for how much you get and the tamales are good, if you’re a fan of tamales.

Meg: I love the food. The presentation is pretty phenomenal. Big plate, lots of color, fresh ingredients, good chips and salsa, and I like that they give you a bowl of soup for free with your meal.

Jared: I did actually really like the soup — that’s a big plus — but I felt that I’ve had better enchiladas elsewhere… the chile relleno was…pretty good. Maybe it was just hyped up too much by too many people, but I just felt that it was just another Mexican place for me, personally. Still has to win me over.

Meg: I have only been there one other time, and I got the burrito. I remember it being really good. So go try it!


Gandalfo’s Makes Rocco’s Paninis

Picture 5

under the clock tower, at center and university ave. in provo.

Jared: First of all, I didn’t even realize it’s part of Gandolfo’s. And I feel like Gandolfo’s is pretty overrated. It was pretty good but for sure the paninis could be grilled WAY longer. They grill it enough to put lines on it, but I could grill that sandwich better on my george foreman at home. It was a good sandwich, but not the best PANINI.

Meg: I feel similarly. But I will say that the sandwich was HUGE for 4.10. Major half-sandwich. I can’t even imagine getting the full sandwich. Don’t forget to leave 30 minutes to wait for your sandwich. There are 2 people working and they take their good sweet time.

Jared: Really really great meat. That’s all I’m going to say. I hope everyone takes that out of context.

Meg: I really liked the grilled peppers, even though I know they were heated in the microwave for about 6 minutes. I feel like if they’re going to make the paninis right in front of you, they should make them well… not in the microwave. So, to end, I would say they gave impressive amounts of vegetables, but didn’t cook them as impressively.



The Al Pastor won our hearts.

Picture 2

Chunga’s – Home of the famous Taco al Pastor!

664 N Freedom Blvd
Provo, UT

(801) 822-5650‎

Shout out to another food blog! We just found it looking on google for stuff about Chunga’s….

Meg: Liked the food. Really good chips,  ranch sauce and cool flavor of salsa… it’s like it has bbq sauce in it, but NOT as gross as that sounds. And I like the drinks, but they need to fill the ice machine!

Jared: Um, I kinda wish they just had regular salsa… Al Pastor was delicious. Everything everyone got looked good.

Meg: I feel like it’s a great fusion for Utah Mexican. It’s not real Mexican food in my book, but it tastes pretty good. My only complaints: they need to put a trash can in the main eating area, and they need to lower the prices by about .50 cents a dish. It’s at that range where I almost don’t want to pay for it.

Jared: The taco was overpriced for sure, but I wanted to try it bad enough, so I didn’t care. I don’t want to pay $2 for a small taco that often. There are plenty of good Mexican food places to get tacos for cheaper. Other than that, Abi, our server was really great. A very nice girl. They get the food out pretty fast for one cook and one server. Presentation wasn’t awesome….I mean, my food came on a Chinese plate…


Note: Just to clarify… the Al Pastor Burrito, Quesadilla and Taco could be rated much higher. Like a 4 or a 5. But we have to be fair and rate the food as a whole.

Stumped by Stumpy Burger

Picture 4


225 W Center St,
Provo, UT‎
(801) 377-2617‎

Meg: After a long day of swimming, we headed to Stumpy Burger in our suits. On Center St., it’s easily passable. And nothing about the outside look matches the inside. Weird wall “tapestries”, a boat of playing raccoons, raccoon stuffed animals for kids to buy, raccoon tails on the employees, and real raccoons on the wall. Really? Where did they come from and what do they have to do with anything?

Jared: I’d say it’s obvious, where they came from… but it’s not… so I won’t. But since we’re dealing with food mostly, I’ll just get right down to the nitty gritty: it’s ok.

Meg: I mostly ate my mini veggie burgers, which were mediocre as far as veggie burgers go. One great thing were the drinks… they had both Pepsi AND Coke products. That is a rarity these days. The fries were pretty good, but everything, EVERYTHING, had like 10 times too much grease on it. Ok, well at least twice as much grease as any burger I’ve had.

Jared: Agreed. Except for the veggie burgers, I didn’t have any. But it is reminiscent of a place called Steak n’ Shake that I love and I grew up eating. But Steak n’ Shake is way better and it has better decor. And you’re right, way, way too much grease.